uasyncio availability


Is/(when would) uasyncio  (micrpython asyncio library) be available ?




Hi Tim,

here you can find a summary of main differences between Zerynth and Micropython.
That said, you can use the real-time multi-threading feature of the Zerynth Virtual Machine for your application (here you can find our documentation related to thread management).

Which kind of project are you going to develop that needs uasyncio feature?
Let me know if this can help you :slight_smile:



Hi Matteo. 

We are mainly reading modbus then publishing via MQTT, and the reverse.  Existing code base uses an async model rather than threads.  

Could use threads, with a synchronized queue to manage the passing of messages between threads.


Hi Tim,

That’s the right way to implement this kind of data exchange  B)
Let me know if you need some more help/advice during the development of your application.