Trying to connect - Can't connect error

I have the Flip&Click SAM3X, along with a Temp&Hum 6 click and a WIFI Plus click. I thought I would start simple so imported Zernyth App basic into the Zernyth Studio IDE, changed the WIFI set up, commented out the button code as haven’t set one up, compiled it and loaded it to the SAM3X as well as setting up the device to give me the UID and Token which I copied to the code.

When running it I get the following error in the Console

36799 Trying to connect with UID zo6q …etc
36819 Can’t connect!

I checked to make sure I had copied the UID and token correctly - which I had.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?



hi @Cam-Era
Since you mentioned that you used the Zerynth App,
I think this tutorial might be helpful with the steps of connecting the app to the microcontroller.
Are you sure that the uC is connecting to the wifi successfully for instance?