Troubles installing r2.0.9 on macOS 10.12.6


During the Offline (even Online) installation it stops with an error; here is the screen:

And then the log file screen:


Same as me in win64. See next thread 


Hi Luigi,

You can check this post for the procedure; the only difference is the path on which you have to replace the file attached in the post.

In your Mac–>Applications, right-click on “Zerynth” and select “Show Package Contents”; then you have to navigate inside “Contents–>Resources–>app.nw–>js” subfolder and replace the “ztc.js” file.

Keep me posted :slight_smile:


Thank you for help Matteo.

All done, but still errors:


Hi Luigi,

it seems like you have an homedir mismatch because the command is lauched in “/Users/luigiferrettino/…” and the “FileNotFoundError” exception regards the “config.json”; this file should be in “/Users/luigiferrettino/.zerynth2/cfg/” but the system is searching in “/private/var/root/.zerynth2/cfg/” and doesn’t find.

Did you launch the Zerynth installation with admin/root privileges?
Can you post me the entire log file to better underdstand?