Thread 1 exited with exception ValueError

I am using Linux and Arduino mkr1000.
And trying to scan the networks.
here is my code
import socket
import streams

import the wifi interface

from wireless import wifi

from microchip.winc1500 import winc1500 as wifi_driver

a list of security strings

print(“Scanning for 15 seconds…”)
# start scanning for 15000 milliseconds
res = wifi.scan(15000)

for ssid,sec,rssi,bssid in res:
    print(ssid,"::",wifi_sec[sec],":: strength ",rssi*100/127)

except Exception as e:
after uplinking, i get error, [Thread 1 exited with exception ValueError @[0064:0061:0065:0017:0000:0027:0000:0000]](javascript:window.except(’@[0064:0061:0065:0017:0000:0027:0000:0000]’,'Thread 1 exited with exception ValueError ')).

Thread 1 exited with exception ValueError at line 8 of main
raised at line 76 of microchip.winc1500.winc1500.auto_init
raised at line 69 of microchip.winc1500.winc1500.init
Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks

For future readers the problem has been solved. Zerynth driver is based on Microchip driver version 19.5.2 provided with Atmel Software Framework version 3.34.1 requiring the internal Firmware to be upgraded at least to version 19.5.2. Please visit this link for tutorial of updating firmware
Thanks Cheers :blush: :wink:

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