Template issue with Zerynth App


Hi! I was trying to create a link between the Zapp and my phone, and after fiddling with the code a little, I got it to connect. But trying to change the template and open it on the Web gives me

Access to api.zerynth.com was denied
You don’t have authorization to view this page.

I am correctly logged in with my Gmail on both PC and phone. I wonder what could be the issue here?

Many thanks!


Hi @Heikki_Hietala,

are you trying to open the template on your PC browser by means of the eye button from Zerynth Conneced Devices?


Hi! I got it working after some fumbling about, and I probably had an erroneous method of operation instead of a malfunction on your part.

A way to remove questions found irrelevant would be nice. I probably have already landed in your Black Book of Stupid Users.


Hi @Heikki_Hietala,

no problem at all, thank you for contributing to our community :slight_smile: