Support for Python and C packages


Hai. My name is Kiran Francis.

I am new to zerynth by reading the getting started itself i am excited to work with Zerynth. But before that i would like to know if Zerynth supports all the packages of python and C. For example does it support python package ‘pymodbus’. If it does’nt what all python & C packages will it support. Hope to get your reply soon.

Kiran Francis


hi @kiranisyx

zerynth supports standard libraries and Official libraries and Partners’ libraries.
You can also try searching for a specific library in the docs.

As for the Modbus, It is not yet officially supported for zerynth unfortunately.

happy coding!


Thank you for your reply @karimhamdy1 . Can you please confirm whether there is zigbee, canbus packages available or not. And also regarding FOTA. How is it implemented?


As for the Zigbee, It is not officially supported by zerynth but i think most Xbee modules use AT commands, So it is quiet easy to communicate with the module with UART protocol.
Can bus is also not officially supported by Zerynth yet.

FOTA is implemented for the supported devices.
Amazon Web Services IoT FOTA Library
Check these links for more details.
You can also find FOTA details about each device in the FOTA section of each device page in the supported devices.