Suggestion on application building for industrial application using ESP32 + Zerynth

I am getting started with Zerynth for ESP32. Played around with basic WiFi & Ble Alerts. Works fine at the moment. I need suggestions to go ahead and justify using Zerynth for my connected device.

My application involves the following blocks

  • Bluetooth for device configuration (BLE)
  • Modbus Slave (Modbus)
  • Read Analog signal (ADC)
  • Connect to MQTT server over Wifi (Wifi + MQTT)
  • App communicating over BLE for configuring the device like modbus slave id, mqtt end points, device name etc.,


  1. I could not find a tutorial or example of Serial over BLE implementation.
  2. I could not find library support for Modbus Slave creation

Suggestions from experts is welcomed.

Hi @jkco
Currently, the features you mentioned are not yet supported, but we are constantly supporting new features and new boards/sensors or modules.
If you are developing a product, Zerynth provides custom software development services at low cost fee, If you are interested in these services let me know.

Otherwise, the libraries are opensouces, so you can start developing the Modbus slave library and other developers will be grateful. :hugs:

As for the serial over BLE, I think this involves some work on the Virtual Machine of the device, It is on our pipeline but I cannot give an exact date for it.


Hi Karim,

It would have been great if we had the libraries for implementation out-of-the-box but not an issue, I would like to get things done. Would like to know more about your development service offerings.

You can Email me or DM directly.



we’d love to develop more out-of-the-box libraries, but due to the vast amount of sensors and modules, it’s more efficient to develop specific application libraries.
Send us an email on this form, Let us know about your project/requirements and the sales team will provide all needed information