Strange prints when connecting to ZerynthApp

Hello everyone,

when I try to run this code, at line it prints: " LOGGED! RTH HTH WTH " even if there aren't print related to this output.
Is it normal or it's caused by some bug in the program?
I run zerynth on a Virtual machine with Windows because I'm using a MacBook with a Nucleo f401re and XNucleo IDW01M.
Thank you.

print('Initialize network driver')
    spwf01sa.init(SERIAL2, wifi_reset_pin)
    print('Connecting...')'iPhone', wifi.WIFI_WPA2, 'xxx')
    print('Connected to wifi')
    print('Connecting to Zerynth App...')
    zapp = zerynthapp.ZerynthApp(uid, token)
    print('zapp object created!')
    # Associate the method calls to Python funcs
    zapp.on('set_desired_temp', set_desired_temp)
    zapp.on('heating_switch', heating_switch)'''
    zapp.on('water_switch', water_switch)
    #zapp.on('light_switch', light_switch)
    #zapp.on('set_delay', set_delay)
    zapp.on('set_state', set_state)
    zapp.on('get_initial_state', get_initial_state)
    print('Start the app instance...')
    print('Instance started.')

The output is:

Start the app instance...
Instance started.

Hi Maria Laura,
this lines

are printed by Device.start() method defined in ( Zerynth installation folder\dist\rX.Y.Z\libs\official\zerynth\zadm )

That output is normal for release up to 2.0.7 included, starting from release 2.0.8 this 4-line log is not printed anymore.

question: why you haven’t installed the native macOS Zerynth release?

Because when I started the project last month, macOS Zerynth wasn’t able to uplink any program on the board

I installed the new Zerynth, but I can’t open it.

Hi Maria Laura,

This is a very weird behavior that we are not able to reproduce in our MacOS machine.
Try to remove completely Zerynth Studio and install it again with the newest release (r2.0.9).

Regarding the issue related to uplink the firmware on ST Nucleo device in MacOS machines, we discover 2 different version of ST Nucleo F401RE depending on ST-Link debugger easily recognizable by the name of the mass storage:
 - NODE_F401RE

Can you post me which one is your case?
I see in ST website that latest version of ST-Link firmware is V2.J28.M18; can you check if you have this version on your ST Nucleo device?

If you have an older version you can try to update the ST-Link and try again the procedure posting me the results.