Spresense: I2C1 Missing

I am using a Spresense board and the I2C module is working great. However, only the drvname I2C0 is recognized. I2C1 gives the error “Can’t find name [I2C1]” when I try to interface with it.

The pinout in Zernyth only shows a single I2C; however, there are multiple I2C interfaces available on the Spresense (some are on the B2B connector) that I would like to utilize.

How can I enable I2C1?

Much thanks,

if the pinmap of the device only shows 1 I2C instance, then only this instance is supported currently.
More features will be supported for the board, But I cannot give an exact date for it.
Are you developing a product with it?

Hi Karim, yes we are making a not-for-profit product using Zerynth VM running on a Spresense. This project is related to the COVID-19 epidemic.

We are developing a custom mother board to take advantage of the B2B connector on the Spresense and were evaluating using the additional I2C channels. Ultimately, we determined it was better to go with a I2C mux at this time.

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Let me know if you need support in your development.
Share with us your product too when it’s ready :slight_smile: