SPI for FLIP & CLICK board


Did someone write libraries for SPI bus on Flip&Click board?
Thank you


Hi Andrea,

Here a link with all the informations about the SPI Module in the Zerynth Standard Library and this other link for handling operations on a generic Spi Flash Memory; you can find an example here where the communication via spi protocol is used to read/write a flash memory.

You can use for example the “Flash Click” connected to one of the MicroBus socket on the Flip&Click device or any other spi flash memory suitably connected.

Let me know if this can help you :slight_smile:


Did someone use 8x8 Click board for Flip&click ?
I tried to use the information about SPI standard library but when I try to send data over SPI bus seems that flip & click stops to work


Hi Andrea,

The library for using the 8x8 click via SPI protocol is going to be released very soon.
Stay Tuned :slight_smile:


I’m trying SPI on Flip & Click. No matter what I set for clock=x, the rate I see on the scope is always 7MHz. I’ve tried numbers between 1MHz and 10MHz. Any ideas? Data is correct, so it is otherwise working.