Some issue on iBeacon Example


I’m trying to test iBeacon Beacon example on my ESP32 Devkit.
When I installed nRF Connect app on my phone and scanned ble device, I can’t see “Zerynth” device.
In the example code, GAP name is set to “Zerynth”.
I didn’t make any change on the code. There is no compiling error.
What’s the wrong? Do I have to use Beacon Scanner instead of nRF Connect? When I use Beacon Scanner app, it requires to type the UUID. So I have no idea to use it
I have another question. When using ibeacon_encode() function, is it possible to send a string instead of integer? For example, like “”
Thanks in advance.

I’m still waiting for your help.
I have another question.
Is it possible to send a string from my esp32 using BLE? I run BLE alert example code on my esp32.
It’s working well, but I want to send a string instead of byte array type. And I want to be able to see it on nRF Connect app. Is it possible?
I’m looking forward to your help.