[solved] "flash lock" error on Flip and Click


the SAM3x MCU mounted on the Flip and click and on the Arduino DUE sometimes doesn’t allow the zerynth studio to erase the flash blocking the uplink process. This rises the Flash Lock error

For this reason the Arduino DUE and the new version of the flip and click by Mikroe mount an “erase” button on board that allows manually clean the MCU flash in case of “flash lock” error.

For the ones having an old flip and click board without erase button installed this is the solution that the Mikroe tech team shared with us

“user can connects a wire jumper as on photo below. This way, in startup mode will be deleted entire Flash after short time. After that he must turn off board, take off wire jumper and continue as usually.” 

Problem registering Flip & Click SAM3X on MacOS