Setting ADC sampling frequency doesn't work


I need to set my sampling frequency of the ADC in Particle Photon and I have written the following code:

import streams
import adc
import timers

sampling_freq = 48000
sampling_time = 0.05 # [s] sampling time
inputAnalog = A0 # define the analog pin for reading the value
samples_len = int(sampling_freq*sampling_time)

# reload the driver with a custom sampling frequency
adc.init(ADC0, samples_per_second=sampling_freq)




for i in range(2):
sleep(1000) # wait for a second
digitalWrite(LED0, HIGH) # turn the LED ON by setting the voltage HIGH
sleep(1000) # wait for a second
digitalWrite(LED0, LOW) # turn the LED OFF by setting the voltage LOW

print("\rEntering loop")
timer = timers.timer()

while True:

samples =, samples_len) # get Raw values (0-4095)
t1 = timer.get()
samples = None
print("\r\tAcquired samples! t=",t1,“ms\r\t”)
but the printed value of t1 is 2 ms, instead of the expected 50 ms, so it seems like the sampling frequency is around 1.2 MHz, which is nowhere near what I need.. As far as I can see I've done everything according to the docs. Am I missing something or is there some trick to this?<br>Thanks in advance for the help.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>

Hi findal,

Thanks for reporting this issue; we succeed to replicate the problem and we are investigating and working to fix it.

Stay tuned for updates :slight_smile:

Hi findal,

Zerynth r2.0.9 is out.
Now ADC sampling frequency can be properly set.
We tested your script in our Particle Photon and all works fine.



Frequency setting works for me as well! Thanks for the assistance.