serial port will be reset

hi.i want to work with serial port and use the data but after about 1 minute device will be reset!!!what is the problem?!!

hi @Javad_Mozaffari
Have you used similar implementation to the serial port read-write basic?
If yes, could you post the code?:smile:

I send data via laptop and python and receive via nodemcu but when the connection is disconnected the nodemcu resets.Even if the connection is not disconnected, after a few minutes the nodemcu will reset

data =
s1= data.split(’-’)

i want to get data from PC and then close the port and just use that data in my nodemcu

You can use the UART, streams library and receive the data then assign it in a list for example, and use the data in that list as you like.
In that case, You will likely send the data from the serial monitor or from another device if it is connected externally to another device.

Let me know if there is something unclear :smile:

i did the same.i assign the data in list and use it but nodemcu will be reset in to time
first when i close the port in my pc by python for this problem i decided to keep the port open.but when i did that nodemcu was reset after two minutes.

The reset is propably due to some hardfault reset, due to some error in the code that causes the micro controller to forcefully reset.
Just to make sure that this is a software error, could you run the serial port example without errors or resets?