Send/Receive AT Commands to Modem on Particle Electron

Does anyone know in Zerynth, if there is a way to send/receive AT commands to Ublox modem on particle electron?
Or way to get Signal Strength and other information?

Hello @pmjackson ,

the Zerynth g350 driver takes full control of the serial port connected to the gsm modem so it is not advisable to directly send AT commands by opening a stream to the serial port. On the other hand, if you don’t want to use the g350 driver you are free to do so by sending AT command yourself. However you will lose the abstraction layer of Zerynth sockets (read, write, etc…).

Which functions do you need? We may be able to add them in the driver together with the UDP patch.

Hello @Giacomo ,

I have a need for:
Signal strength
Available Carriers
Carrier Selection
Current connected Carrier.


Hello @pmjackson ,

Zerynth r2.0.10 is out with an updated g350 driver with more features and a stable UDP implementation. Let us know if it solves the issues you were having!