Rtc.py in distr/r2.1.0 fails on import


I’m trying to use RTC on an Arduino DUE board but the import rtc fails during compilation with the following:
[error]> Can’t find name [RTC0] in [/Users/users/.zerynth2/dist/r2.1.0/stdlib/rtc.py] at line 39
Line 39 in rtc.py is:
Appreciate some help to resolve this.


Hi @Irfaun_Rahaman,

the internal RTC peripheral is not supported for Arduino Due at the moment, anyway it is available for use on ESP32-based boards.

You can try to post your request here so that, if shared by other members of the community, we can proceed in adding this feature.


Is the RTC supported for the NodeMcu V2 ? I think there is not.


Hi @Arturo_Veras,

at the moment the RTC peripheral is supported only for ESP32-based boards, unfortunately this info is not reported on the official stdlib-RTC documentation, but will be added as soon as possible.