RTC cant compile


Hi all,

I tried to upload the RTC_Keep_Time example. When I compiled the program it says

[error] Can't find name [RTC0] in [C:\Users\AVera\zerynth2\dist\r2.1.0\stdlib\rtc.py] at line 39

what can be happened?


I am having the same issue on a Particle Photon, Can’t find name [RTC0] in [[C:\Users\Peter\zerynth2\dist\r2.1.2\stdlib\rtc.py] at line 82](javascript:app.open_marker(‘c:\users\peter\rtc_keep_time_new’,‘c:\users\username\zerynth2\dist\r2.1.2\stdlib\rtc.py’,82))

Can anyone steer us in the right direction?



At the moment the RTC peripheral is supported only for ESP32-based boards, so unfortunately it is not supported for the Particle Photon at the moment.