Rpc.py Library causing HTTPConnectionError



I am attempting to get the Simple Contract for Ethereum example up and running on my ESP8266.

My microcontroller can connect to the internet correctly, and get’s to the point where it is asking for Ethereum but times out at an “HTTPConnectionError”.

[HTTPConnectionError @[00CB:00BF:00CE:0041:00C5:0050:00D5:006B]](javascript:window.except(’@[00CB:00BF:00CE:0041:00C5:0050:00D5:006B]’,'HTTPConnectionError '))

[Exception @[0000:00D5:00CE:0041:00C5:0050:00D5:006B]](javascript:window.except(’@[0000:00D5:00CE:0041:00C5:0050:00D5:006B]’,'Exception '))

It stops running at line 84 in the rpc.py library:

res = requests.post(self.host,json=js,ctx=self.ssl_ctx)

Any suggestions on how to move forward with completeing the Simple Contract example? Thanks!


Hello @alusiu,

unfortunately HTTPS support (required to connect to infura nodes) is not available for ESP8266, but you could test it with an ESP32.
Let me know :slight_smile: