Roadmap of Zerynth

We are currently evaluating Zerynth as an alternate for our Embedded Development requirements. Can any official from Zerynth point me to the roadmap and upcoming features so that the me & the community knows what to expect in upcoming versions?

I do not see much activity on this community forum or any external platforms, considering the awesome potential Zerynth has based on the limited evaluation that my team has done.

I really think you have great heads involved in developing this product. Need more information and transparency so potential new customers can take a more informed decisions.

Hi @kanishka
thanks for your interest! There is a lot of excitement in Zerynth, we are all working very hard to release our new hardware product line that will be launched on the market in the upcoming months!
The Zerynth hardware line will include a set of modular IoT development boards designed for the development of flexible, secure and professional IoT applications. We’ll also release our own IoT SoC module designed to help our customers to easily build innovative IoT products. Stay tuned, we will be publishing more details soon!

That is indeed exciting for sure. Can you share more about the roadmap for Zerynth OS & SDK ?