Riverdi IoT display reboots frequently


I have a Riverdi IoT display. I running the example project “DisplayZerynthLogo” on to it. But I have observed that if I kept the device ON with doing any activity, it cyclically resets itself and runs again. I have this observation for the example project “Hello Zerynth” as well.

Have anybody observed similar observation?. Can some one guide me in this regard?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @AnandGadgil
For the Hello Zerynth example, Could you tell me how much time does it take for the MCU to reset?
Also could you tell me which version of Zerynth studio are you running?

Hi Karim,

Thanks for your reply.

I am using Zerynt Version R2.6.0.

The MCU resets cyclically within 2 to 3 minutes from previous reset.


I could not replicate your behavior on my hardware.
Could you try erasing the flash?
Connect the device, click on the info button (next to virtualize button)and click the “Erase Flash” button
Then reregister and revirtualize the device, and let me know the results.

Ok. I will try and will get back to you.