Reporting a possible bug in ADM z.js file

Hi guys,

For the past three days, I have been evaluating Zerynth extensively; I was using Particle Photon board.
Frankly I NEVER programmed in Python and new to the embedded world, and I was up and running very quickly doing advanced stuff. I am very impressed with the architecture & the documentation; hats off guys. This is a lot of work.

FYI, ss I was testing one of your advanced demos/examples (Zerynth App Oscilloscope), I noticed the that the template HTML file contains a possible bug in the JavaScript located here:

As you see it is a small file, and I was able trace the source of the bug to the init() method. And once I hard-coded my UID (not the one in the URL that is associated with the template), the websocket worked like a charm! Besides that it was looking for the word “devices” in the URL, instead of “template”.

Peace guys & keep up the good work,

S. Mansour

Thanks @abusous2000, We are glad that you have found Zerynth impressive.
Zerynth aims at speeding up the IoT development and enabling efficient software development using Python and C.
Thanks for reporting that bug, We’ll have a look at the example and the function you mentioned in javascript file.

If you need any help in your development, please Let me know :smile:
Happy coding!

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Thx a million Karim for the quick reply especially on a weekend :smiley:. If you don’tmind, I have few questions that I like Zerynth team to answer. I will be posting them soon.


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