Redbear Bluetooth 5 Low Energy modules programmable in Python with Zerynth: back on Kickstarter!


Announced in June 2016, the new Bluetooth 5 specification promises significantly increased speed, and broadcast messaging capacity over current Bluetooth 4.2. However most existing BLE development boards are not upgradable to support these.

RedBear has launched a Kickstarter campaign to enable the new generation of Bluetooth Low Energy products for makers and professional developers. The campaign includes three boards based on the Nordic nRF52832 BLE chipset, including a BLE module suitable for mass production and secure Over-the-Air Updates.

They will be Zerynth-compatible! The advantages of programming RedBear Nano2/Blend2 with Zerynth include:

  • Coding in Python or Hybrid C/Python with a multithreaded real-time OS that requires a footprint of just a 60k-80k of flash and 3-5k RAM;
  • Development of flexible, scalable and customizable IoT solutions with reduced development time and guaranteed high performances and reliability;
  • Native mobile app and cloud connector for mobile control and cloud connection with the architectures that best fit with your needs.
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