read "unread" count from imap server?


Hi there,

I have a little project in mind for my Photon: connect to my email (imap server) via the broadcom wifi, get the “unread” count and then display that count on an LCD display.
Before I get into started with it though, I was wondering if there actually is a way to connect to an imap server from viper?
I’ve never done anything like that, but I’ve seen that there is an imaplib on Python proper. Would it be possible to import that to viper somehow? Or maybe there is a simpler way, since I only want the unread count?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Andi, 

At the moment, without SSL (https) support it is impossible to connect to a imap server (unless you can disabled security) 

SSL support is planned for may/june, however in the meantime you can write something like a php script that connects to the imap server and relays data to the Viper script. 

And if the mail in question is a gmail account you may even implement a little service to check the number of messages via oauth tokens. 


Thanks Giacomo.
I would like it to be a “single device” solution, so I guess I’ll wait till June :slight_smile: