r2.0.5 is out!


the r2.0.5 update is live!

List of features in order of awesomeness:

  • The Zerynth Advanced Device Manager  (ADM) is now publicly available. It is a device manager sandbox you can use to test your connected devices adding high level functionalities like full html5 templates, remote procedure calls, push notifications to the Zerynth App and more. The Zerynth ADM will be also used to make OTA updates easy as soon as OTA VM will be made available (next months). To use the ADM just check the related documentation, the zadm Python library and the new panel available in Zerynth Studio. IMPORTANT: the Zerynth ADM is not mandatory at all to keep developing with Zerynth! It is a nice tool we believe can make IoT development faster and easier…and it is also ready for production as it can be easily scaled up to high traffic volumes and hosted on any third party cloud providers (i.e. AZure, AWS IoT, IBM Bluemix…) or on premises with no effort.
  • The Zerynth App has been tied to the ADM! Now your templates can become as complex as a full responsive website; indeed they are hosted on the ADM and associated with a particular device instance. The Android version update is rolling right now, the iOS version is waiting for verification in the Apple Store and will be made available in the next weeks.
  • New boards! Sparkfun Photon, Wemos D1 Mini and the xPlained D21
  • New libraries! Apart from an updated Zerynth App library, new Python modules for Bosch BMP180 and BNO055 sensors and for Maxim MAX7219 led matrix controller are available.
  • Bug fixes! Path with spaces are no more a problem, glitches in Zerynth Studio have been fixed, error messages in registration/virtualization are more informative, the ZTC can now generate VM binaries for manual burning when there are issues with device drivers…and many more
As usual, please report here any issue with the new release.

Link per download please  :slight_smile: