Question about python integration in NodeMCU

I am python developer with 2 years experience. I am just thinking to shift to Zernyth Studio. But, can I use Python Packages in this interface? Like numpy, firebase etc. Will it work on Zernyth as well?
Also, I have one more question, how to configure input and output as well

Hi @Muhammad_Owais

First of all, Zerynth uses modified version of python packages to fit the micro-controllers restrictions.
There are already a lot of Python packages ported to Zerynth, Have a look at
standard libraries and Official libraries and Partners’ libraries .

As for the support of other python packages, Python modules vary in complexity from a single file of pure Python code, to hierarchies of files, to a mixture of Python and C code.

For instance, for pure Python modules, you just need to import the library, fix/change (if necessary) the features not present in Zerynth, and you are ready to go.
A similar process (but more complicated) could be done too with Python and C codes.

Since you mentioned numpy, last time I checked Numpy was depending on linear algebra libraries and fortran code, Both are unsupported by Zerynth.

If you have further questions, Feel free to ask. :smile: