Question about python integration in NodeMCU

I am python developer with 2 years experience. I am just thinking to shift to Zernyth Studio. But, can I use Python Packages in this interface? Like numpy, firebase etc. Will it work on Zernyth as well?
Also, I have one more question, how to configure input and output as well

Hi @Muhammad_Owais

First of all, Zerynth uses modified version of python packages to fit the micro-controllers restrictions.
There are already a lot of Python packages ported to Zerynth, Have a look at
standard libraries and Official libraries and Partners’ libraries .

As for the support of other python packages, Python modules vary in complexity from a single file of pure Python code, to hierarchies of files, to a mixture of Python and C code.

For instance, for pure Python modules, you just need to import the library, fix/change (if necessary) the features not present in Zerynth, and you are ready to go.
A similar process (but more complicated) could be done too with Python and C codes.

Since you mentioned numpy, last time I checked Numpy was depending on linear algebra libraries and fortran code, Both are unsupported by Zerynth.

If you have further questions, Feel free to ask. :smile:

Hi @Muhammad_Owais,
We’ll be starting our Zerynth Live Support session on YouTube today , where we will answer your question (and a couple of others). @karimhamdy1 will be holding the session.

If you would like to join us on our YouTube channel, the live session starts at 4 pm (CET). And of course, if you have any other questions you can either ask in the comment section on the video.

Here’s the link to the Zerynth YT channel in case you’re interested in joining us: