Python-telegram-bot support


Dear team,

after attending to The Things Conference in Pisa I decided to move to Zerytnth studio as my default platform for programming my ESP32s.

I am currently trying to replace a raspberry for a small ESP32 board: the RPi is currently being used only to run a simple Python script that interacts with Telegram. However, when I started coding in Zerynth studio i noticed that there is no possible way to import libraries that are not included in the IDE/backend.

Do you think it would be able to integrate this library to Zerynth’s backend/repo?

Telegram Bot Library

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I don’t think you can integrate that library as-is in Zerynth since there are a lot of modifications made to the python modules to fit the micro-controllers restrictions in Zerynth IDE.

Since the library is HTTP based, You can implement it i think.
if you want a faster solution, You can contact the sales team in zerynth and have them make a specific solution for you.