Programming Hexiwear (wearables + IoT) in Python using Zerynth


From a technological point of view, wearables could be one of the greatest applications of the Internet of Things and Zerynth’s contribution to enable this world is reality.

We’re happy to announce that Zerynth officially supports Hexiwear, one of the most loved wearable IoT development platforms! 

Find out how to use Zerynth to program Hexiwear in Python:

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Hi , I found this device on internet and i though it could be my school project. The questions I have are:
- To program it i just need an Hexiwear with the Docking Station and Zerynth or something else ?(like some compiler or something)
- The docking station have a usb port to upload the program? 
- Is it like an Arduino? i mean i write the code in python and i just upload it on the hexiwear?
I hope it’s all clear  :slight_smile:


Hi TehMaat and welcome on board!

- You just need an Hexiwear with the Docking Station and Zerynth. Note that Hexiwear already provides a lot of sensors and actuators but if you want to expand its capabilities you can add some “clicks” through the Docking Station.
-  Yes, it has an onboard DAP Link circuitry that exposes a serial port over USB. You can find it below the Power LED, as shown in the following figure.

- Yes, you have just to connect and “virtualize” the board, just one time. Then you can code in Python and uplink the script to your board through Zerynth Studio.

More info here: 
I hope this will help you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



Thank you a lot! 
My others doubt are about the expandability, can it connect to the phone and read notifications? Can I connect it to more than one device? How much i can expand it? 
I read your post and the website, but honestly I didn’t learn to much, and i need to be sure to spend some money on it.
Thank you again to spend time answering me!!


Hi TehMaat,

Hexiwear device mounts on-board two different microcontrollers, the main chip and the chip dedicated to the Bluetooth management.

To interact with Hexiwear Bluetooth features, you can take a look at our documentation where you can find some example of the usage here.

Thanks to the Hexiwear Docking Station, you can also connect one of the Wi-Fi MikroE click supported by Zerynth and you can send/receive data through the internet.

Hope this can help you