problems with forum mail verification


some users notified us that they never received the forum verification email.
In case you are also having problem with this, please notify us by email at we will fix it.
We are working on fixing this issue.



I’m having problems registering my account via the IDE - i have not received the email validation, but also note there is no option to swap accounts (within the IDE). 




I triggered an email verification resend for you. Please check the email spam folder just in case it get filtered there.

For the account swapping, at the moment the IDE supports only a single user. If you really want to change user, it must be done manually by deleting/renaming the projects directory (under your home directory in Windows or inside the Viper package for the other supported platforms).

Let us know if you receive the new verification email.



Hello Darren,

good news. The issue with email verification was (and still is) a problem of our backend,
We hacked a workaround for the time being, waiting for the official bugfix from parse.

In the meantime we triggered another verification, this time you should receive it