Problem with uplink zerynth studio mac os

at the time of load code in nucleo board board stm32f401, the “uplink done” never appears. I’m using macos Sierra 10.12.5 and zerynth studio version 2.0.7

Hi @“Antonio Maresca”,

Thanks for reporting this issue; we menaged to replicate this behaviour on our mac and we are working to fix it.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Hi Antonio,

We discover 2 different version of ST Nucleo F401RE depending on ST-Link debugger easily recognizable by the name of the mass storage:
 - NODE_F401RE

Can you post me which one is your case?
I see in ST website that latest version of ST-Link firmware is V2.J28.M18; can you check if you have this version on your ST Nucleo device?

If you have an older version you can try to update the ST-Link and try again the procedure posting me the results.
Don’t forget to update also Zerynth Studio to r2.0.9 

Let me know if this can help you

I have the same problem as explained here:

My case is NODE_F401RE, firmware version is  V2J29M18 (latest by November 24th), Zerynth Studio is also the latest 2.0.10. FYI OS X El Capitan 10.11.6
I look forward to hear your comment.
Thank you.

Ps. with MBED, I use the same board with same STLINK on same machine and I can simply drag and drop the .bin file generated by MBED web app. into the NODE_F401RE drive and the Nucleo starts and runs with that .bin code. Can’t we do the similar with compiled Zerynth code, this could be a temporary solution. 

Hi ta1db,

Unfortunately, this behavior depends on Mac platform serial port management.
We tested both of Nucleo with different mass storage name (NUCLEO, and NODE_F401RE) in all platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac) and both works without any problems in Windows and Linux platforms but in Mac platforms the Nucleo with NODE_F401RE mass storage still not work and we still continue to investigate which kind of issue it can be.

Stay tuned for new updates

Dear Matteo,

Thank you very much for the information.

Although I prefer to make Zerynth works on OS X, alternatively I have VMware Fusion virtual machine running on OS X and Windows 7 running on that virtual machine, therefore I have an option to install both STLINK and Zerynth Studio on Windows 7 on the same MacBook Pro.

What do you recommend? If the update comes in short time, say, in a week something then I prefer to stay tuned. If it will take much more time then in this case I am considering Win7 option on Fusion VM. If I go this way should I uninstall the existing STLINK (installed by brew) and Z Studio?

Update: with a few clicks I’ve uninstlalled Stlink and Zerynth, reinstalled them on Win7 on Fusion, now the Uplink done!. However I keep tuned on the OS X side :slight_smile: thanks

Hi ta1db,

Glad to hear that on Win7 you can continue to develop your application.
Bug fixing related to the uplink procedure on ST Nucleo device in Mac platforms may take a little longer than few days.

So, since it works on your Win7 VM, I recommend to develop your application in this way and when this bug will be fixed you can switch platform at any time simply by copying your project folder and uplink again.

Stay tuned :slight_smile: