Problem with FOTA servers?


From now I’m getting this errors:

16043 Trying to connect with uid CIe1uHsFTUuPBLAHBLAH and token 8imBL0SvSKBLAHBLAH
16315 Sending {hearbeat:60, vmuid:NDif6rWuT8BLAHBLAHBLAH , platform:olimex_esp32evb, token:8imBL0SvSKGBLAHBLAH, uid:CIe1uHsFTUuPQ4_kBLAHBLAHBLAH, ota:True, bc:0, vm:0, chunk:512}
16339 Getting message
16464 Got message {“err”: “unauthorized”}
16469 oops, error {err:unauthorized}

any problem with the servers o so on?


Oh sorry, the token has changed!! why?


Hi @Manuel_Castro_Caaman,

unfortunately it is a little bug that it is encountered sometimes with newly created tokens and we are working to fix it. Anyway it will not compromise the correct behaviour of your connected devices since the token happens to be changed only one time before the first successful connection.

Let me know if it happens again :wink: