Problem to load program to Riverdi IOT Display

Good Morning
I have a riverdi IOT display and I want to program it, however I am not able to load a program even though they are the examples in the documents.
The zerynth environment does detect the plate but does not recognize it when it wants to register it. I already installed the drivers that come in the documents of the riverdi section (CDM21228_Setup and FTD3XXDriver_WHQLCertified_v1.3.0.4_Installer) but it still doesn’t register.
Does anyone feel the same?

For debugging, Could you post the log output when you try to register and virtualize the device?

This is the error that appears to me when I want to register it.
[error] Can’t find device riverdi_tft50_iotxxx:103235be613752f9ee

And this is the error that appears when I want to upload the code.
[info] Got header: 103235be613752f9ee
[error] No answer to probe

Hi @Alejandro_Guerrero
Sorry for the late reply, was testing the registration process with Riverdi IOT display.
Any device needs to be registered and virtualized to run Zerynth OS, and zerynth examples.
You registered the device but didn’t virtualize it.
Could you try virtualizing the device and let me know the output.