[Poll] Examples to be included


Hy guys,
Which examples you would like to see implemented in the June VIPER release?
We are working on extending the example set and we would be happy to support you designing the examples that better fit your developing activity.

For example: I would like to see how to detect button pressing behaviors like single push, double push and long push. This will be very helpful for designing user interfaces and interaction strategy.



we are working on the following examples… What do you think? Any suggestions?

  1. Blink
  2. Multi-threaded blinks
  3. DigitalRead to Serial
  4. Analogread to Serial
  5. AnalogRead PRO
  6. LED Fade base
  7. LED fade for RGB
  8. PWM base
  9. PWM pro
  10. PWM sheduler
  11. Button with DigitalRead
  12. Button with Interrupts
  13. Tone play rttl
  14. button state change counter
  15. Interrupt for button check
  16. Resistor to pitch
  17. Digital input filtering
  18. Analog in and out with serial
  19. Sensor calibration
  20. Sensor data smoothing
  21. Multiple LED control supercar effect
  22. wifiWEP
  23. wifi udp
  24. wifi time and serial
  25. TOI Shield all sensors
  26. Neopixel LED control and animation
  27. VIPER App neopixel
  28. VIPER App RGB Led
  29. Stepper motor 
  30. VIPER App rover car with PWM
  31. Servo motor control
  32. midi in
  33. midi out
  34. Timer for task scheduling
  35. Input Capture Unit base
  36. Input Capture Unit advanced
  37. ICU as IR decoder
  38. PWM as IR coder
  39. IR in/out


An I2C example would be great as well. It would help us start working on some of the many third party sensors out there.


Cool! We have already scheduled the I2C library finalization and release. We’ll keep you posted.


I2C: yes please!