Please make consulting documentation for libraries easier


I apologise if this is not the place for bug reports or feature requests (where can I find that?).

Being able to install and use libraries in the IDE is great. However it is not easy to find the accompanying documentation. Clicking on the tiny “i” brings up a small dialog in which one can see the repository but without documentation. Clicking on the repo link pops up another small dialog with the repo page on GitHub. Please make it open a normal browser window. 

It would be nice to be able to have the library docs more accessible. Integrating the docs into the IDE as is done with the examples would be great. 
Of course it could be that I am overlooking something. 



Hello mjm,
the upcoming Zerynth release also provides a new, simpler but more powerful way to navigate the doc.

From Zerynth Studio you will be able to reach both the unified online documentation (Help->Preferences) and single packages docs through the Package Manager.
The whole documentation has been unified (one place for everything you need), rewritten and expanded.
A universal search is arriving soon to help you go straight to what you are looking for. B)


Looks good!