Pin remapping for I2C on Olimex EVB

Hey, I have been trying to remap the I2C0 (D13 and D16) pins to (D33 and D32) with not much luck, this will be used with the driver for Samtech SX1503?

I have also explored the approach of using C code with ESP-IDF libraries, but also with not much luck, please can you provide a guide on how to implement this?


hi @Moe
Could you tell me why do you need to remap the pins to communicate with this port expander?
it seems to me it just needs an I2C interface.

Hi Karim,

As we have already designed and printed a glue on PCB, the pins connected to the IO Expander are GPIO33 for SCL and GPIO32 for SDA.

Is there a way to do remapping in Zerynth IDE?
If not how can I include the ESP-IDF files to do this? Would this run on Zerynth OS?

Kind regards,
Moe Samak.