Particle photon


I successfully virtualised my photon, attempting to upload the ‘hello world’ script and get the following after following the prompt to reset the photon. The photon also briefly flashes a red light

[info] Please reset the device!
[info] Searching for device f5c8beb66bf8826c43c93f798b6ceee189063d66 again
Something wrong during the probing phase: too late reset or serial port already open?
Checking for updates…
[warning] Timeout! Retrying…


Hi robmarkcole,

The warning message you got seems like or you have an opened serial console connected to the photon or you press too late the reset onboard botton; try to open the console (black square button in the top bar), close the console window, and try again.

Note: when you open the serial console, no message should appear otherwise something in the virtualization process is going bad and you have to virtualize (putting the device in DFU Mode) again the photon.


Ok great, opening and closing the console then trying again has worked :smile: Thanks!