Particle Electron - want to use serial flash in particle CLI


Hi, I was wondering how I can go back to being able to using the particle command line/particle cloud if I want to?

I’m currently using zerynth studio on mac osx which is great, but wanted to be able to show someone else the particle cli with this device (particle electron). I don’t seem to be able to get the electron to go into other modes anymore (listening/safe etc.) - can this be done?

Any help would be great!



Hi kaquavivak,
dunno if this can help you but here are the instructions to load a different firmware on the electron…
Maybe also  this thread it is worth a look.



Hi kaquavivak,
I would like to thank anba first for the provided response, then, as concerns your issue, to get back to the original Electron behaviour you just need to follow this simple guide: Manual Firmware Update section :slight_smile: