Package download issue

hi guys, i’m trying to run zerynth on windows 10, but when i try to install all the packages, i have an error. I’m trying to do the download both online and offline. With the online, the download doesn’t even start, and with the offline, i have an error just at the end of the download. I’ll post below a folder with both errors (the packages i downloaded for offline mode are correct). By the way, after these 2 errors, zernth starts, but i can’t do login, and the app doesn’t recognnize my board. Ty for help. (20.7 KB)

Hi @Sabato
Zerynth has released new and improved SDK the V3, If you are maintaining a legacy project, we can troubleshoot this error, if not, I suggest you download and use the Zerynth SDK V3 from this link.
Please let me know if you still have these errors.