OneWire & DS18B20 module

Hi there, is anyone working on creating a direct onewire and DS18b20 lib? Without any bridge?

I’m asking just to know before I dive into porting libs from other platforms and begin banging my head for days…



We can help you in developing a library for the DS18b20, Then you can release it for the community.
There are a lot of libraries for this, but this looks straight-forward, the DS18B20 github library . :smile:

Hi Karim, not sure when I’ll try it but for sure I’ll need some help. Will let you know :wink:

That lib is indeed straightforward. I have read somewhere that bit banging the GPIO is not very precise and could lead to realiability problems, maybe not in a simple task when only trying to read a DS18b20. But when the whole system is running possibly with several threads, timers, etc I doubt we’ll be in the safe zone of the protocol timings. It was suggested to use RMT to have a realiable onewire protocol transaction. Any thoughts on this?
Anyone with experience in Zerynth with C routine using RMT for the ESP32?

Thanks in advance.


unfortunately, RMT is not natively supported by Zerynth yet, So It might be a messy process to implement the RMT as C routine within Zerynth.
The team is working on a lot of features in 2020 but I cannot give an exact date for that feature.