Ok no REPL. So, is there another way around?

I understand why the REPL is gone in this platform, ok with that. However getting acquainted with the platform is IMHO so much difficult without a REPL. Is there a way to temporary have one to explore and test the environment? A PC emulator?
Any ideas?
thanks for your insight?

hi @Alex1
REPL in embedded world is good for testing (and educational maybe) but it’s a waste of resources when you go into production (In terms of MCU memory ); we have decided to not include it in our stack because our mission is to help and facilitate users to go from prototyping to production.
Currently, There are no PC emulators\test environment for REPL in Zerynth, only regular development->compiling->uplinking and testing.

Hi Karim, thanks for answering

Agreed a REPL will waste precious ram in production. However in the begining, when getting to know the plarform, it speeds up learning and tinkering around with it.
The zerynth platform seems great but it still needs polishing in the docs and examples. Even the compiler doesn’t catch errors that it should. So having an optional REPL could speed up the learning cycle.
Just my two cents.

We are planning for a lot of improvements/ features for Zerynth Studio in 2020,
Thanks for the feedback :smile: