Off-line connection using App


Am I able to set up my device as a wifi access point and then connect using the IOS app.

Want I want to be able to do is connect to my micro controller and make changes/adjustment to program parameters but may not have a Wifi Router to connect to.

Does anyone have any ideas


you could try to communicate through bluetooth, you can use any cheap bluetooth module such as HC05 and connect it serially to your device.
There are also apps made for that applications so you wouldn’t have to write your own apps.


@AndyFaulkner as you already done, you can use your device as a access point to receive some data and update the internal configuration accordingly.

I don’t know what device are you using but my approach would be something like that:

  • Have a physical button that turns Wi-Fi access point on/off
  • Have a LED indicating current access point status
  • Start the access point with a default password (or without password at all, but I don’t suggest it)
  • Ask the user to change Wi-Fi password first time, and store it in flash so you can remember it across reboots
  • Eventually add a way to reset to default password (maybe long press the physical button, or another button)