Nucleo F401RE Uplink process keeps me waiting


Problem on MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.5 (16F73) and a newly installed Zerynth Studio r2.0.7

ztc uplink zs:st_nucleof401re:f083714177283b6b512fe45ea7ace1136df78894 /Users/--------/Documents/Zerynth/hello2/main.vbo<br>[info]> Searching for device f083714177283b6b512fe45ea7ace1136df78894 with alias zs:st_nucleof401re:f083714177283b6b512fe45ea7ace1136df78894<br>[info]> Please reset the device!<br>[info]> Searching for device f083714177283b6b512fe45ea7ace1136df78894 again<br>[info]> Probe sent<br>[info]> Got header: r2.0.7 VDwbyn83R22t7LsHAFyn6w st_nucleof401re 8400a2005015432333431343 ZERYNTH<br>[info]> Found VM VDwbyn83R22t7LsHAFyn6w for st_nucleof401re<br>[info]> Handshake<br>[info]>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; symbols: 159<br>[info]>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; membase&nbsp; @20002040<br>[info]>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; romstart @08020000<br>[info]>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; flash&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; @00060000<br>[info]> Erasing flash<br>[info]> Sending Bytecode: 6968 bytes ( available 393216 )<br><br>

Upload isn’t happening.
There is no communication going on at all between the computer and the ST-Link board.

If I iterrupt the process, in a second try, the board is not found anymore. I have to unplug it from the computer before i can repeat the error.

Any possible workaround?



Hi leopaesen,
thanks for your contribution. We are already aware of this issue and looking into it.
Stay tuned for updates!


Hi leopaesen,

We discover 2 different version of ST Nucleo F401RE depending on ST-Link debugger 
easily recognizable by the name of the mass storage:
 - NODE_F401RE

Can you post me which one is your case?
I see in ST website that latest version of ST-Link firmware is V2.J28.M18; can you check if you have this version on your ST Nucleo device?

If you have an older version you can try to update the ST-Link and try again the procedure posting me the results.
Don’t forget to update also Zerynth Studio to r2.0.9 :slight_smile:

Let me know if this can help you



I am running Zerynth Studio on OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 and updated Stlink to 1.4.0 (latest) with “brew upgrade stlink”, it writes NODE_F401RE, and I have the same issue; Uplinking never ends!

Please help. Thanks and best regards,

Murat TA1DB



Ive upgraded firmware to V2J29M18 (to the latest) from ST web site ( ST-LINK/V2-1), no change, still the uplink inking never ends. Expecting a solution. Thanks.



Update: Fortunately I have Win7 running on VMware Fusion virtual machine on my Mac (lifesaving for Mac users, I deeply and honestly recommend !!), with a few clicks I’ve uninstlalled Stlink and Zerynth, reinstalled them on Win7, now the Uplink done!.