Nrf52832 advertising setup

Standard Library -> BLE
In the “gap” Modules Function definition there is only the “Name” parameter.
is it possible to add other parameters with the data type value and the “content” of the service?
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Hi, resolved the situation by the Payload in advertising service.
Thanks for all

I’m happy that you solved your issue!

If you have anymore problem do not hesitate to contact me.


How is it possible to use the pin P0.02 referenced “VREF” on the nRF52DK board as an Analog IN?
A0 to A5 are only accessible in the library.
Nordic say that the VREF reference is only there for using with Arduino but in fact this pin is an analog input and available as analog IN
Other question: When the developpement is finished how to deploy it to a large quantity of board ?

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