nRF52 DK cannot programming an external nRF52832!

Hi to all, after successfully develop an application for the BLE nRF52832 on the nRF52 DK board, I try to program an external nRF52832 with the onboard P20 connector, but receive error like “no answer to probe”
Compilation is ok, but uplink fail!
Other question: how can I obtain an HEX file for sending it to the manufacturer ?
Best regards

Hi @Jiemde,
You can only program the microcontroller that is registered and virtualized inside Zerynth studio.
At the moment, Zerynth studio doesn’t support external programming.

Hi Karimhamdy1,
Thanks for your fast reply.
So I think that in my case, developing an application in Python with the nRF52DK is not today an option for mass production with the nRF52832 SOC from Nordic Semiconductor, because I cannot test this app on a real hardware.
Not happy with that!
Best regards, Jiemde

Jiemde, I would say this should work, because nRF52DK external programming is only hardware related I thought? If P20 senses external Vdd then debug out (P20) is activated instead of the onboard nRF.

Are you able to use P20 with Segger, Keil or nrfGo studio? Are you sure it’s not an HW related issue you are facing?

Edit: Of course you have to register and virtualize first.