Nrf24l01 compatibility or similar


I need to communicate an esp32 with several sensors wirelessly. Consider communicating with these modules nrf24l01.
Is there support currently? I read a post a few years ago, maybe today the situation changed.

If there was no compatibility. What would you recommend me to communicate wirelessly different modules reliably but at low cost?


Hi @Alan_Rivetta
Any RF transiever will work with Zerynth, for instance the nrf24l01 uses SPI interface, so you can use the SPI module to communicate with it.
But for an easier approach, use the RF modules that use UART interface. they will be easier to use and easier to communicate with, like this module.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Hi @karimhamdy1 , thank you very much for your answer.
In this case should I create a library to manage the communication via SPI / UART or does zerynth help us in any way?

You have a good day

If you are developing a product, Zerynth provides custom software development services for low-cost fee, Let me know if you are interested in them.
Otherwise, You can start working on the library and post your progress and the community members could help whenever possible.

YES, I would be interested in expressing my needs and knowing how much money it could cost, with no purchase commitments. Can be?

Sure, Send us an email on this form, Let us know about your project/requirments and the sales team will provide all needed information


Thank you very much @karimhamdy1 . The message with the title “Sales for RF Library” has been sent