Nothing in my device list (ZerynthApp)

I am writing to report an issue about the ZerynthApp. I know it will be deprecated soon, still I wanted to try sending some data to it and plotting the graphs. However, when connecting the device, it never appears in my Device List. I also loaded the code on my esp32 board… and all data seem to be sent to the app, still I cannot test whether those variables are plotted, because the app does not seem to recognise the device. I just wanted to know if there is anything that I could do to show the results on the smartphone, thank you!

[UPDATE] now ZerynthApp works properly. My only problem is about push notifications: I get the following line on Zerynth console: Sending {cmd:NTFY, payload:{text:Low level of water!, title:ALARM!}} but I am unable to receive notifications on the smartphone (though they are activated both in the app and in the phone settings). Please help me solve this issue :slight_smile: . Thank you!