Not seeing output in console (Particle Photon)


Using the standard “Hello Zerynth” test application I expected to see repeated messages, but I get no output in the Zerynth console. Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong, please?


Hi Steve,

I suggest you some steps and checks you can do (and post me here the results) to better understand why you get no serial output uplinking the “Hello Zerynth” example. 

First of all you can check the Zerynth Studio version (r2.0.9 is the most updated one) by clicking Help->About on top menus.

Then you can open the “Device Info” popup (“i” button from Zerynth Studio Toolbar) with your Particle Photon connected to your machine and selected in the Zerynth Studio Device Management Widget; Port field must be not “None”.

Next steps (and relative checks) are: registering the device, create a new vm, virtualize the device and uplink the firmware.
To register and virtualize the device, Particle Photon has to be in DFU Mode (here you can find our documentation related to the integration between Zerynth and Particle Photon). Firmware to be compiled and uplinked is always associated to the current project; current project is always displayed  in top left select field.

Once the uplinking phase has ended, you can open the serial monitor by clicking the “console” icon on the Zerynth Studio Toolbar.

Keep me posted :smile: 


Thanks for your response. I now observe that it’s only the first output that doesn’t appear. If I enter some text, I see a line of output including that text appear in the console. So the only outstanding issue is the absence of the first line of output.

I am using 2.0.9, and got through to uplinking without too many problems.

One thing I haven’t been able to find in the documentation is the required structure of a project. It seems that it’s always the file that gets uploaded and run, correct?


Hi Steve,

Most likely, the absence of first line is due to timing mismatch between opening serial monitor and Particle Photon running its bytecode (Particle Photon is very fast).

Simply by putting a sleep instruction before the first line of output, you should see in serial console also that message.
NB: if you don’t want to put a sleep instruction, you can reset again (after uplinking phase) the device and open the serial monitor during red led blinking.

Regarding the project structure, yes, you’re correct.
A Zerynth project must have a where you can develop and implement your application.
In file you can import every module you need from Zerynth Libraries or other Python modules (in this case *.py files must be under your project folder).
You can also integrate C language functions if you need (here you can find all information about it).

Let me know if this can help you


Thanks, Matteo, that answers my current issues. I have another, but since it’s unrelated I’ll post a separate thread about that.