Nordic nrf52 DK VM for customisation


I have a board developed around nrf52832 whihc I would like to port to Zerynth. and create the VM

I have looked at the VM example you have provided on blog but there is not enough infromation for me to fully get how to port the board.

I would very much benefit from having and access to the nrf52DK vm source to work on and modify for use with my board.

  1. Where can I find one?

  2. How can I learn more about the Zerynth interaction with nrf52 e.g. I have tried the pwm in python to control the single catode RGB LED and had errors at compile time that soc.h is missing!? Happy to resolve this problem in the port and contribute to the port - but not sure how?

I have done developments for nrf52 in c.

Best wishes,

Hi @Jacek_Lewandowski,

at the moment custom VMs are available only for ESP32-based boards, but we are planning to export this feature also to other chips. I cannot give you a precise date, anyway.

Concerning the pwm issue, we will officially fix it ASAP.
Being in the vhal, distributed with Zerynth Studio, it is completely open source, you can apply a quick fix opening zerynth2/dist/r2.2.0/vhal/armcmx/nrf52/vhal.json and adding, after line 31 (“VHAL_PWM”->“inc”), "sdk/components/softdevice/s132/headers".

Let me know :slight_smile: