NodeMCU ESP-32S softap_config causes I/O error

With the code below, I’m getting:

[ERROR: AP config failed, IOError @[0098:0013:00D0:0097:0000:016E:0000:0000]](javascript:window.except(’@[0098:0013:00D0:0097:0000:016E:0000:0000]’,'ERROR: AP config failed, IOError '))

The code works fine with the NodeMCU v3, of course switching to correct driver. The status windows shows: raised at line 177 of wireless.wifi.softap_config

    wifi.softap_config( "", "", "" )
    print(" OK")
except Exception as e:
    print("ERROR: AP config failed, ", e )
    while True:

BTW, I’m using the latest version with all updates.

If it is working on the NodeMCU V3, Which board are you using that made that error?
Have you encountered that error before the update too?

Its a NodeMCU ESP-32S.

In sample code for the ESP32 in the Zerynth docs, it seems softap_config is not called. Just tried the sample code and it works no problem.