NodeMCU ESP-32S not flash-able

HI all,
when I wanted to register nodeMCU ESP-32S ,on windows, on USB port

but in the end of flashing I got message:

[info] Leaving…
[info] Hard resseting…
[error] Cant find chipid

Please dont you know how to solve it? Thanks a lot

Jakub Nečas

Hi jakubnecas,

By clicking the “info” button with your NodeMCU ESP-32S device connected to your machine, is “port” field different from None?

Opening the Serial Monitor (always with the device connected), do you see anything printed?

Are drivers for ESP32 based devices correctly installed?

Please let me know :slight_smile:

hi, I found solution:
So what I think is happening is your tool is writing its frimware and VM but its not erasing the entire chip first. So when it now looks for the ChipID there is either old junk in memory or something else that makes it so your tool cant find the ChipID. I suggest you have your tool completely erase any old firmware before it looks for the ChipID. when it utilizes the it seems to be failing to reformat everything as needed

use this command:

Erasing Flash
To erase the entire flash chip (all data replaced with 0xFF bytes): erase_flash


then is flash procedure OK.


Hi jakubnecas,

Glad to hear that!!! It would have been my next advice for solving your issue :slight_smile:

Happy coding!!!