Minor Zerynth issues on OS X


Just wanted to share a couple of minor issues with the OS X version of Zerynth Studio.

1 - I cannot have a console window open when trying to uplink to my device.  I get a ‘no answer to probe’ error

[info] Linking…
[info] ########## STEP 4 - generate binary
[info] Saving to …/.zerynth2/tmp/zstudio.vbo
[info] Compilation Ok
[info] Searching for device 420…9b8 with alias zs:flipnclick_sam3x:420…9b8
[error] No answer to probe

2 - after installing the software my terminal prompt and setup were drastically different.  Zerynth installation created a .bash_profile instead of looking for and updating my .profile

Both of these have simple solutions, but I want to inform the developers with feedback for improvement.


Hi martileon,

Thanks for joining our community and for your advice.

1 - The uplink process is based on serial data exchange between the Zerynth Toolchain and the device; if the serial port is busy this procedure cannot be completed.

2 - This is a very interesting information; we create this file to ease the use the ztc commands from the terminal; we will develop and implement in one of our future releases a check to “update if already exists” the “.profile” file.